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Pet Nanny Boutique offer a wide range of treats & toys. Our natural treat boxes suit all dogs, young, old, big & small. Plus, gift boxes to celebrate birthdays! What makes it even better is that you can build your own box! We have the best pick & mix section for dog treats & a DIY section for all your birthday/gift box needs

My little puppy is enjoying her treat box thank you so much. The amount of products for so little price is amazing. I’ll definitely be buying off you for the foreseeable future!


First time ordering from an online dog chew company I usually just get them from a shop but from Pet Nanny Boutique the chew are much better quality and reasonably priced

Narla can’t wait to have one tonight!


The selection available is just amazing! Lola gets so excited whenever she sees a brown box being delivered, she’s expecting it to be a Pet Nanny Box just for her


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