Fish Training Treats

Made from only freshly prepared salmon, trout, whitefish, sweet potato and potato, these super tasty, super healthy training treats are free from grain, gluten, wheat and all artificial additives and preservatives.

And as they’re gently cooked in small batches and at low temperatures to preserve more of their natural goodness, they are the winning combination of high in taste, low in fat and bursting with more nutritional benefits that will keep your dog coming back for more and that you can give guilt-free.

Packed full of Omega 3 fatty acids, these hypoallergenic treats will keep your dog’s coat looking glossy, their skin healthy and their limbs and joints supple, so whether you’re prepping your dog for a show or a walk in the park, they’ll look as good as they feel.

80% Freshly Prepared Fish (including Salmon 42%, White Fish 28%, Trout 10%), Sweet Potato, Potato, Salmon Stock.