Snuffle Mats

Snuffle mat rainbow, enrichment, dog toy, pet snuffle, treat dispenser, enrichment for dogs (please read care instructions in description)

These are enrichment toys that are hand made. You simply put treats or dried food between the pieces of fabric for your dog to “snuffle” them out. These are great to help with a bored dog or one that eats really quickly. You can also use snuffle mats for cats food and treats too!

Mini – 15cm x 27cm

Mega – 27cm x 30cm

With all dog items we recommend you do not leave your dog alone with this product.

Please check for loose fabric when you receive the item and after each use as some dogs will pull some of the fabric out if not taken off them once the treats are eaten

We will not be held responsible for any fabric consumed – we double knot the edge of the mats to help prevent these coming away and all mats are tied as tightly as possible.